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Finishing works and interior design are professionally performed.

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    1. Plastering

    Wall and ceiling plastering, priming, painting

    Before painting walls or ceilings, it is necessary to prepare them accordingly. Cracks and unevenness are puttyed, after drying - primed. Later, the surface is polished. The prepared surface must remain clean, dry, grease-free and dust-free. The quality of painting depends on the chosen paint and painting technique. The better the quality of the paint, the longer the quality of your walls or ceiling will remain like new.

    2. Plasterboard works

    Installation of plasterboard ceilings, partitions and walls

    Plasterboard partitions, ceilings and walls are installed faster, the work only consists of polishing and painting. It no longer need to be plastered. Gypsum board products are lighter and have good insulating properties.
    Plasterboard is attached to the aluminum profile frame by screwing the panels or gluing them to the wall. Special plasterboard glue is used for gluing, and gypsum metal screws are used for fastening. As with any job, it requires careful preparation, so that the quality of the following work is not affected. Qualified employees of UAB "Ravmagen" company perform high-quality plasterboard installation work.

    3. Tile laying works


    Long-term experience is what you need for high-quality tile gluing in the bathroom, kitchen or terrace. Well-glued tiles are durable and do not require repairs. The methods of gluing floor and wall tiles are similar, an ideally prepared base, quality materials and tools are important. Ravmagen's team of employees will flawlessly glue the tiles in your home.
    "When buying tiles, you should always order a slightly larger quantity of tiles than the area of the room to be tiled. As we have already mentioned, there are many different types of tiles, colors - shades, shapes and measurements, so it is sometimes very difficult to calculate their exact quantity, therefore it is advised to purchase 5% to 10% more tiles than the area of the room to be tiled. A larger amount of tiles is needed because it is not possible to place whole tiles everywhere, because they need to be cut, and those cut tiles cannot always be used, so they have to be thrown away, which creates waste and, as a result, a reserve of tiles is required, which is as we have already mentioned 5 -10% more quantity from the total area to be tiled."


    Concreting works

    Concrete work is an important introduction to floor laying. It is a responsible and demanding job. We offer highly qualified specialists for concreting the floor.


    Floor covering installation.

    • You just need to choose the floor covering and our floor installers will do all the work - responsibly and with quality. ”Ravmagen” does the following:
    • Removes the old floor covering, if necessary;
    • Performs preparatory work;
    • Glues PVC, linoleum, vinyl coating;
    • Glues the carpet covering;
    • Bonding of floor tiles of various sizes;
    • We lay wooden or laminate floors, skirting boards.


    Electrical installation works

    We offer all electrical installation, mounting and installation of control systems to both companies and private individuals. Working responsibly, we will carry out the necessary electrical installation work, resistance measurements, etc.


    Plumbing installation

    How well plumbing devices and engineering systems will work depends on the performed plumbing work. "Ravmagen" specialists will advise on the selection of suitable plumbing equipment and will perform all installation and mounting work.
    We offer the following services:

  • Installation, connection, repair of plumbing devices;
  • Installation of heating, water supply and sewage systems.

    Door installation works

    Entrust the door installation work to our specialists, as the work must be done in an orderly manner in accordance with all the technologies required for the performance of the work. This guarantees the correct operation of the door and the long-term use of the door. Door installation works are done after all finishing works have been completed. It is essential to always assess the humidity of the premises, as it can damage the door.

    If you did not find the described finishing works you need in our description of finishing works, please always contact us via the following contacts by phone. Tel. +370 641 11112 or email. and we will try to help you.

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